Nocturna – Of Sorcery and Darkness Review

Believe it or not, just the other day, to be more precise this previous saturday, I was doing some chores here at home – truth be told I was cleaning and dusting the furniture and much more – I had that urge to listen to some music. As all my players are with some kind of malfunction – two of them – I turned on the tv and I acessed the YouTube. I had no band or music in my mind at the time so, I saw the suggestions YouTube always show us and there was a Power Metal compilation. My dear child of the night knows I have mixed emotions about Power Metal. In one hand, I just love the melodies contrasting with the furious drumming assaults; the guitars with so simple rhythmic sessions constrasting with the shredding of the leads; the high pitched vocals with precise notes contrasting with some furious voices sometimes out of tune. On the other hand, I really don’t like the predictability of all the above. Yeah, so sorry, power metallers, Power Metal got so, but so predictable. There is no way of denying it. But I love it… Love to hate it…

Ok, that said, we got here a band we had the pleasure of reviewing their 2022’s debut album “Daughters of the Night,” whose female vocal duo gave me a profound emotional response. I like female voices. That I’ve been telling for a long time here. Two female voices just make it perfect. Grace Darkling and Rehn Stillnight are the epitome of how female vocals must be around Metal music. Album welcomer “Burn the Witch” has the perfect features I have always imagined for a Power Metal song. There is the power, there is the metal, there is the melody, there is the assault all in one song. As usual, all embellished with wondrous instrumentals. Then comes the element that makes a huge difference on Nocturna’s music that is the symphonic elements the band add. It’s kind of polish to a raw jewel. Well, in this very particular case not that raw, but you know what I mean. The constrast of “Noctis Avem” with foloowing track “Creatures of Darkness” is simply amazing. The fan feels the sudden change of heart and that’s what makes it so amazing. As I always say Metal music is about contrast.

“Of Sorcery and Darkness” is an album of musical contrasts which, I guess, are the band’s prime objective. From where I’m standing, Nocturna’s music is originally thought to be contrasting. An album recommended to all metallers that have mixed emotions about Power Metal as I do.

Nocturna “Of Sorcery and Darkness” will be released on April 19th via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Burn the Witch
  2. Sapphire
  3. Noctis Avem
  4. Creatures of Darkness
  5. Midnight Sun
  6. First Disobedience
  7. Seven Sins
  8. Through the Maze
  9. Strangers
  10. Last Day on Earth

Watch “Strangers” official music video here: