Verikalpa – Tumio Review

From all Folk Metal bands I’m used to listen here I have to say Verikalpa are one of the apples of my eyes. Their unique combination of many elements make their music something that stands out from the crowd. A crowd that is getting more and more crowded. The band goes, to some extent, on the opposite direction many of its peers are into. From where I’m standing the resposible for this is vocalist Jani Ikonen whose agressive tone is a game changer. Morevoer, they treat Finish folklore with all due respect, but they add some spice on it. That makes a difference. Both elements differentiate Verikalpa from other Folk Metal bands. As I said before if a Metal band would ever be invited to play in Valhalla, Verikalpa would be it. For real. No band has ever gathered so much of the Norse tradition as Verikalpa have.

“Tumio” is the third Verikalpa’s album we have the honor to review here. The first was 2020’s “Tuoppitanssi”

and the second was 2022’s “Tunturihauta,” both following the same quality the band gives to their music. This album adds some more to it because is not an inch behind its predecessors. The spirit of debauchery is the same. The band was able to keep the killer combination that made them famous. An acid Power Metal faster than the usual with Folk elements that give the spice to their music. Listen to “Veritonttu” and pay attention to the guitars to get what I’m saying. The astonishing fast cadence of “Kaunan valta” kind of make the fans a little dizzy with all the energy and power. The headbanging effect of it is perfectly notable. Some kind of faster Heeloween with Folk Metal elements. I can see the trolls and elves drinking and having a great time wherever they may be.

“Tumio” is not only for the fans of Folk Metal. It’s also for power metallers and all metallers that appreciate Metal music with some debauchery. Metal music doesn’t have to be so serious. The right doses of good humor and good music. Go right to album tittle track “Tumio” to get what I mean.

Verikalpa “Tumio” will be released on April 19th via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Arvon tuomari
  2. Laulava vainaja
  3. Noijan sauna
  4. Sammalsynti
  5. Tuhkakruunu
  6. Tulimerten taa
  7. Hakkaa hakkaa
  8. Maat hauraan hautaa
  9. Eksyneet
  10. Veritonttu
  11. Kaunan valta
  12. Tumio

Watch “Sammalsynti” official music video here: