Bitterness – Dead World Order

What if Metallica hadn’t sold out? What if the fold had continued the same vibe from “…And Justice for All”? What if… There are too many of them.

Well, nobody knows, but Bitterness with “Dead World Order” give us a hint, just a small snapshot of what it could be. I don’t mean that Bitterness and “Dead World Order” sound exactly how Metallica would presumely be. The fan may strange my opinion if he listens to all the album, that’s a feeling I had while listening to it because instrumentwise the band reminds a lot Metallica. At first listening, “A Bullet a Day” gives this strong impression to the fan the minute it begins with all the fury and wall of sound it passes. However, vocals are pretty different I must say. Therefore, I identified many instrumental resamblances between the bands and one of them is the intent of playing more technically. Bitterness are technically one step ahead average Thrash Metal bands as Metallica were in their golden, and almost forgotten age – I mean they forgot. Instrumentals are neat and well built. The most important feature that the band keeps and reinforces which gave me the feeling is the striking. Guitarist Frank Urschler does his best in using the technique. Thus the similarity because this is one the strongest Metallica’s stapler. The other is the like for slowest and instrumental themes as the intro “The Last Sunrise” and the grand finale “Darkest Times.” The band wisely opens and closes the album with nice instrumental tracks. 

Albeit vocals are very far from James Hetfield vocal range and tone, they are as aggressive and pungent. The impression I get is that vocalist Frank Urschler is learning and testing his vocal abilities as James was. He is trying to introduce new features in his singing to reach capabilities he doesn’t have yet, but he knows he can get. Though the band has about a twenty-year career, some musicians are always learning and getting to know how to improve and to explore their talents. That’s what I see here in “Dead World Order.”

“Dead World Order” shows a very tight band which is struggling to do their best. It’s noticiable the will to evolve and progress. The hope is that Bitterness don’t take the same wrong path Metallica took. Selling out, even for a great price, is never the way of doing it. Ah, ny congrats to the band that keeps the sharp and acid social critique as usual to Thrash Metal bands. We’re living times that I really don’t understand what’s happened to some metallers.

Track Listing:

  1. The Last Sunrise (Intro)

  2. A Bullet a Day

  3. Dead World Order

  4. Idiocracy

  5. Let God Sort ‘Em Out

  6. Forward Into the Past

  7. Blood Feud

  8. None More Black

  9. Darkest Times (Instrumental) 

Watch “A Day a Bullet” official music video here: