BLACK WIDOW’s Singer, Rui Gabriel, Passes Away

We are very sorry to announce that Black Widow’s singer, one more unsung Metal hero, Rui Gabriel, passed away today due to complications caused by diabetes. Rui Gabriel has been hospitalized in comma for more than fifty days struggling for life as the fighter he has always been.

Black Widow were one more short-lived Metal band. Formed in 1992 by high school friends, Rui Gabriel and Ivison Poleto, Black Widow were allegedly a link between AC/DC power and Slayer strength which in their short-lived years of Metal had a lot of unusual gigs in the most unusual places. Black Widow were proud to take Metal to places where no one knew it. And no one really cared about Metal. There were several remarkable shows. In one of them Black Widow had the pleasure to be welcomed with a rain of eggs.

Rui Gabriel had a remarkable and powerful voice that was discovered little by little during rehearsals. The legend says that on the first, Rui Gabriel hid himself behind an amplifier to let his voice go free. Things went better from then on till the last gig in a big place called AeroAnta in 1994, and closed soon after. Black Widow are very proud of having shutting down all the places where they had shows.

Black Widow were able to record two semi professional demo tapes. The first contained three songs: “Night Of The Vampires,” “Pretties On The Run,” and “Visions Of The Dark.” The second was recorded as a live rehearsal and contained the three above plus “Welcome To Schizofrenia,”Road To Nowhere,” “Urban Squad,” and “Swingin’ Drinkin’ Boozed Man.”

Rui Gabriel was 47 years old and leaves a son, Guilherme. Black Widow leave no records, no official videos, no posters.

There are days that even a professional with words finds himself completely out of them.

We will miss you a lot, bro!