Blakk Ledd – Heavy Metal Fans Review

Last week we’ve got an album that was a Heavy Metal music celebration. Strider “Into Glory Stride” was the celebration to Metal music. An album to cherish the fact that we metalheads love the best music of all and there’s no point about that. Now we’ve got an album that besides being a celebration to Heavy Metal music it’s also a celebration to Heavy Metal fans. In fact, the name of the album and it welcomer are called “Heavy Metal Fans” to leave no doubt about Blakk Ledd intentions. “Heavy Metal Fans” has in its lyrics an ode to all Heavy Metal fans around this sad and lonely and pathetic little planet. Between you and me, we all deserve that. Heavy Metal fans are the best crowd ever as the lyrics say. We deserve the best.

Musicwise, “Heavy Metal Fans” except tittle track and “Bad Sign” all tracks have a strong foot on Saxon’s sonancy. Not the Old School Saxon until “Crusader,” but their new encarnation from the 2000s. Hard as iron guitar riffings with a pounding drumming and the acid vocals we all know and cherish. Those are the staplers that Blakk Ledd celebrate here. From where I’m standing, as a huge Saxon fan this is everything. Besides all this Saxon’s influences the band showcases generous doses of Mötley Crüe and Skid Row moslty on vocals. Christer Elmgren’s vocal tone does addresses a lot to Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach without the affectation. “Liar,” for instance has that sticky chorus with a guitar riff that sticks to the fan’s mind. By the way, though many will say that the guitar riffs are anything but original the thing is that work pretty amazing. That’s the deal for real. It doesn’t matter if the band elaborates the sonancy over and over again. The deal to make them work fine. Show of hands who’s never heard a drumming intro as in “Pitch Black Hole” and hasn’t still bang the heads. I do. All the time.

So, my dear child of the night might see how unique “Heavy Metal Fans” is combining both almost impossible to combine features. Almost impossible is an euphemism, right? Maybe the dream album of all commercial bands that try to gather together the power and the glory and the heavyness with some melody and crushing sticky melodies. Highly recommeded.

Blakk Ledd “Heavy Metal Fans” will be released on November 11th via Melodic Passion.

Track Listing:

  1. Heavy Metal Fans
  2. Cold Trash Coming
  3. Bad Sign
  4. Ignite Your Life
  5. Hold Your Ground
  6. Burning Fever
  7. Running in the Night
  8. Liar
  9. Pitch Black Hole
  10. Take’em Down

Watch “Heavy Metal Fans” official music video here: