Strider – Into Glory Stride Review

Some bands and albums are a celebration of everything Metal music stands for and represents to zillion of fans around this sad and lonely and pathetic little planet. With all the excesses and the debatable taste for stage costumes Manowar is really one of them. Of course, such a band would leave its mark to stand for Metal music wherever they are. To agreat extent, it wasn’t Manowar which brought up this idea of using barbarians and all the sword and cape thing, in fact, it was Saxon which did it, but the band was the one which took to another level. This Metal music celebration traces a parallel to our today’s band Strider with “Into Glory Stride” which showcases all the passion and heart for Metal music. The album from head to toe is a display of the passion Metal fans share. From its cover to the music inside, is a “Into Glory Stride” celebration orchestrated by Strider to honor our beloved music.

The celebration starts with “The First Stride” an epic track full of Old School Heavy Metal. Musicwise, Strider don’t sound as Manowar but the intent is the same with the epic and emotional elements that take over the songs. The band makes use of well-known guitar riffings to spice up the songs and give them the comfort one gets while listening to known, and well-cared for, tunes. That’s the secret of the band. Moody tracks as “Too True to Be Good” take the fan to that far and out of reach place where Dio must be duelling with drangons and drinking with dwarves. Every heavy metaller in this sad and lonely and pathetic little planet knows where that is.

“The First Stride” feels like home. The kind of album that gets the fan by the guts, by the nostalgia. “The First Stride” is that pizza and poker night with friends laughing and making fun. Laughing at your friends and they’re laughing at you. Strider showcase no virtousi in the guitars or in the bass nor even in the drums. Just a band that plays that Old School Heavy Metal that we love. “The First Stride” is that feeling of ripping off the plastic of the CD, sniff the smell of the new paper of the cover, and putting it into the CD player and enjoy the epic and emotional music that comes out of it. Do you know the feeling? Yeah, that’s it. I guess there’s nothing else in life that would make one feels better.

Strider “The First Stride” was released on November 04th via Lion Music.

Track Listing:

  1. The First Stride
  2. Into Glory Stride
  3. Striders of the Universe
  4. The Hammer of Thunder
  5. We Metal (D.I.O.)
  6. Too True to Be Good
  7. The Eye of the Strider
  8. A Tale of the Terrible Witch King
  9. The Elite of Steel

Watch “Into Glory Stride” official music video here: