Bunker 66 – Chained Down In Dirty

Right-in-the face old school speed black metal. A band that counts 1-2-3 and let’s go. That’s Bunker 66 with “Chained Down In Dirty.” No more, no less. It can’t get more exciting or thrilling.

Let’s go direct, as the music of Bunker 66 “Chained Down In Dirty,to the opening trackshall we?

“Satan’s Countess” is a delicious and pulsating piece of old scholl speed/black metal in its finest. It’s a song that invites you to bang hard, and unstopping. The voice is harshy, raspy in the beginning, but then it chances to more melodic tunes. This change makes a lot of difference to the song because it aproaches Bunker 66 even more to their 1980s peers, for instance Omen. The drums are hasty in “Satan’s Countess,” but not the hasty of the following death/metal acts. Hasty as NWOBHM drums. It makes a lot of difference too because it’s as simple as catchy.

Bunker 66 “Chained Down In Dirty” is a catchy effort with some dashes of punk, as in the ‘oioi’ chorus in “Wasteland In Grey.” It’s direct and strengthful and with the most healthier attitude ever which is making noisy music with no concessions. It’s notable in “Chained Down In Dirty” that Bunker 66 are a band which care a lot with the guitar riffing. They are fast, direct, simple, and sometimes mesmerizing. The same for the guitar solos.

It takes a lot of balls and guts from a band to choose to play a style that it’s everything, but trendy. It narrows down your public, but instead, if you do it with heart and passion, the outcome comes fast. Bunker 66 with “Chained Down In Dirty” did a great job. As I always say good music is eternal, and there will always be guys with guts to make us not forget all the good stuff that were made in the 1980s Heavy Metal with a fresh touch of today. So guys, give Bunker 66 “Chained Down In Dirty” a try. Really good stuff.

Track Listing:

  1. Satan’s Countess
  2. Black Steel Fever
  3. Chained Down In Dirt
  4. Taken Under The Spell
  5. Her Claws Of Death
  6. Wastelands Of Grey
  7. Power Of The Black Torch
  8. Evil Wings

Bunker 66 “Chained Down In Dirty” will be released on October 27th via High Roller Records.

Watch “Overnight Sacrifice” live video here: