BURN DOWN HOLLYWOOD Call Out To ‘Burn Down Hollywood’

Burn Down Hollywood bring a modern groove to swaggering hard rock – with their frontman’s unique vocals filling up the sound spectra on the bands self-titled Debut EP ‘Burn Down Hollywood.’

Written and produced by Andreas Amnell (lead guitar/vocals), the record is an experience-driven insight into the heavy yet melodic sounds of his life.

Burn Down Hollywood were founded in Los Angeles, CA in 2020, and is a group of close compadres. This collaboration between Amnell, Lisa Skyler (keyboards), Alexa Wolfe (bass) and Kris Lindberg (drums) has given Burn Down Hollywood the platform to become a formidable force in the underground music scene of Los Angeles.

In their past, the members of Burn Down Hollywood have seen individual success in the music business, gathering experience and knowledge over time to all bring together at this time to take over the underground scene of Los Angeles.

Amnell’s lyrics echo knowledge, sorrow, truth; the band’s desire to unleash their modern sound with classic hard rock stylings makes them unforgettable.
With the energy-driven, at-your-throat attitude they give in their live performances, Burn Down Hollywood have already started to catapult to prominence amongst their peers.

Band Line-Up:

Andreas Amnell – Lead Vocals/Guitars/Production
Lisa Skyler – Keyboards
Alexa Wolfe – Bass
Kris Lindberg – Drums

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