Cadaver – The Age of the Offended Review

Here we’ve got a very peculiar band. A band with a flair for the dantesque that opening track “Sycophants Swing (intro)” showcases so better. By the way, if only by that song, I wouldn’t review “The Age of the Offended” in no way whatsover. It’s 1930’s slant creeps the hell of me. All the blow sections and that burlesque mood give me the goosebumps. True. It was following track “Postapocalyptic Grinding” that put Cadaver back to the game again. It reminded me bands as White Zombie or Nine Inch Nails but with guitar solos. You know, the bands that deal with a monster image as Lordi or Death SS. However, I guess Cadaver are much more heavier with a foot on Extreme Metal as vocals tell.

Cadaver are a band with lots of backs and forths. The band had a brief venture in the early 1990s before splitting in 1993. They would eventually re-emerge as Cadaver Inc. in 1999 which consisted of only one founding member. For their next album, they fell back to using their original band name Cadaver and ended their activities in 2004, with their final live show in 2005. The band reformed in April 2019 and released their fifth album in 2020.

I have to say that is “The Age of the Offended” a great name for an album and it fits the shock intent Cadaver desire to impress in their music. It’s not that I totally agree we’re living in the age of the offended, but there is some truth in it. Of course, if we extrapolate it. Musicwise, the album is pretty varied with songs bordering many genres of Metal music. Some songs have o foot on Modern Metal as “The Drowning Man” with the same thick guitar riffs White Zombie or Nine Inch Nails but with amazing guitar solos as I aforementioned. I like a lot this low and dirty guitar overtones. The guitar overtones are the features that make Cadaver border Extreme Metal plus vocals. “The Sicker, The Better” goes the same path except for the ethereal effects that brings the tune to a sick space theme. Those effects and others are the things that make Cadaver different and to stand out of the crowd, if you know what I’m saying. Albeit the Extreme Metal grip, the monster band intent is the thing that puts the band into a  more Old School Metal box as “Dissolving Chaos” tells. There is something of Ozzy Osborne’s “Bark at the Moon” era here. Listen to the opening guitar riff of “Deadly Metal” and tell it doesn’t address to “Bark at the Moon” at all.

What attracted me to the album was the fine instrumentals. The eye popping kind that makes the fan listen to them again and again. It was not only the talent, but the ability of varying in each track. It is a cauldron of Metal music influences from the 1980’s until this Modern era.

Cadaver “The Age of the Offended” was released on July 21st via Nuclear Blast Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Sycophants Swing (intro)
  2. Postapocalyptic Grinding
  3. Scum of the Earth
  4. The Age of the Offended
  5. Death Revealed
  6. The Shrink
  7. Crawl of the
  8. The Drowning Man
  9. The Sicker, The Better
  10. Dissolving Chaos
  11. Deadly Metal
  12. The Craving
  13. Freezing Isolation

Watch “The Age of the Offended” official music video here: