Caronte – Yoni

Naming a band is one of the most difficult acts a band can do because a name has to be simple, catchy, easy to remember, and most of all, some bands are in such a way atached to it that they became indistinctable. Caronte in greek mithology is the boatman responsable for taking souls to the underworld. And, the biggest moon of Pluto, which was classified as a planet, and now is a dwarf planet. Both gives the idea of the obscure, the far, the incomprehensible, and the unknown.

So is Caronte’s music. A quick look to the name and one can figure out the kind of music they play. Totally obscure and dedicated to the occult. “Yoni” is a seven tracked album totally  dedicated to the obscure an to pagan deities and celebrations. Caronte belong to a musical moviment that tries to bring up elements of pre-christian rites. And “Yoni” is all about it. One may say: “Ok, black metal bands do that all the time”. Not quite accurate. Pagan and satanic are two completely different things. Caronte’s music is about the universe of ancestral european traditions.

What’s to expect from Caronte “Yoni”? A shoegazed album. Slow tempo songs with instruments creating a ritual atmosphere. “Yoni” is kind of a musical ritual. Musically speaking, “Yoni” brings back the sonority found in bands like The Cult, but with a very strong taste of The Doors because of the singer tone of voice and style of singing. Of course, there is a lot Black Sabbath, but the most obscure side of sabbatian songs. Mostly from the first four classic albums. All seven songs are long, but the most important is the atmosphere. Caronte “Yoni” is also a musical and spiritual experience. It’s an album you have to listen with your mind open to the occult, not in the satanic meaning, but to the unknown. Mostly, to the lost. “Yoni” attempts to feature to the Metal lost rituals. Or at least, bring them to discussion.

Track Listing:

  1. Abraxas
  2. Ecstasy Of Hecate
  3. Promethean Cult
  4. Shamanic Meditation Of The Bright Star
  5. Totem
  6. The Moonchild
  7. V.I.T.R.I.O.L

Caronte “Yoni” was released on August 25th via Ván Records.

Watch Caronte’s official trailer video here: