Cassandra’s Curse – Groom Lake Act 1

I have always admired the way Prog Rock bands tell a story. This thing of concept album just seems to be plenty fit to them. I guess Prog Rock took the idea from Classical Music and all the moves and adagio and other things that I really don’t understand well. But the truth is that in terms of music Prog Rock is much more near Classical Music than to Rock. That’s why first punk bands rose up against bands as Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Yes, and the likes. I’m not for punk in terms of music, I’m with them in terms of politics as long as I’m not for Prog Rock in terms of politics, I’m with them in terms of music. On the other hand, Metal bands had chosen both in terms of music. My guess is that Prog Rock has had a bit more prominence due to the dozen zillions of bands that call themselves technical something, Prog Metal, and the likes. For what’s worth metal has always been more music than politic, but it doesn’t mean Metal doesn’t deal with politics, it’s just that music always comes first.

Here we have Cassandra’s Curse with “Groom Lake Act 1” which follows the path of having an album structured on Classical Music in terms of writing the songs and the album. “Groom Lake Act 1” tells a complex story and the songs are chapters of The Roswell Incident and Area 51 story. Science fiction and Prog Rock have always been along so well. It seems  so maybe because musicians in general are all out of this world, if you know what I mean. Cassandra’s Curse coordinated to have in between the songs bridges that are spoken parts to give a more real mood to “Groom Lake Act 1” which work pretty much fine. Though some songs have a more agressive instrumental as “Labyrinth,” I wouldn’t dare to label Cassandra’s Curse as Prog Metal. Vocals are too Prog to be any Metal though the instrumentals. “Flight,” though, seems to have both ways due to the heavy guitar riffs albeit the space keyboarding insists on the contrary. Or is it the opposite? Maybe, maybe not. But I’m sure Cassandra’s Curse feel much more comfortable being Prog Rock.

Cassandra’s Curse “Groom Lake Act 1” was released on September 27th via Significant Magnificence Limited Company.

Track Listing:

  1. Scene 1 – GP6 On The Move.
  2. Scene 2 – On The Brink.
  3. Labyrinth.
  4. Scene 3 – Wake Up, Captain Razal.
  5. Flight.
  6. Scene 4 – Not Really Human. Humanoid.
  7. Scene 5 – New Era For Interplanetary Propulsion.
  8. Defiance.
  9. Scene 6 – Are You MJ-12?
  10. Weapons Of Mass Dominance (WMD).
  11. Scene 7 – Hyper Humanoid Cloning.
  12. 1947 (The Roswell Incident).
  13. Scene 8 – Realize The Lies.

Watch “1947 (The Roswell Incident).” official music video here: