CELTIC HILLS Release ‘Huldufólk’

CELTIC HILLS are a trio consisting of Jonathan Vanderbilt on guitars and vocals, Jacopo Novello on bass and Simone Cescutti on drums.

The stylistically unwavering formation was brought to life in 2010 – but it was to take a few more years before the world would get wider notice of their rock-solid and independent POWER METAL.
Between 2010 and 2020 they circulated their demo “Horns Helmet Fighters” in the underground.
In 2020, the band finally signed a record deal with Elevate Records, which released the debut album “Blood Over Intents” and the EP “Weird Music” in the same year.

Both releases received excellent reviews from all over the world, while the music videos for these two works even exceeded the best expectations.
So, with great enthusiasm, CELTIC HILLS decided to go back to the studio to record the second album “Mystai Keltoy,” produced and recorded by Michele Guaitoli, vocalist of Temperance, Vision of Atlantis and Era.

Strengthened by their success, the band decided to confirm the partnership with Michele Guaitoli and entered, at the end of 2021, in the studio to start recording the new and third album “Huldufólk,” which will be released on April 01, 2022.

Huldufólk” sees a shift in the sounds of CELTIC HILLS towards a melodic Power Metal, not denying however the powerful sounds that have distinguished them from the beginning.
Also in this album the lyrics speak of stories related to the band’s territory, namely Friuli and the north east of Italy.

2010 • Horns Helmet Fighters • Demo
2020 • Blood Over Intents • Full-length
2020 • Schräge Music • EP
2021 • Mystai Keltoy • Full-length
2022 • Huldufólk • Full-length

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