Cerebrum – Iridium

If there is a Metal subgenre that keeps puzzling me is Technical Death Metal. As a would-be guitarist I just love the guitars most of these bands offer us. I really appreciate the way they keep digging riffs and licks to stand out of the regular Death Metal band. So sorry other instrumentalists, the guitar steals the scene in “Iridium.” There’s nothing to discuss about it. This is an album of jawbreaking guitars and amazing tunes created to make it glows.

Of course, Cerebrum is much more than only the guitars. It’s not really fair to give the regards only to the guitars. Vocals are also very interesting and surprising even regarding to Death Metal’s vocal lines. It’s raspy, gritty and also dazzling. The band is really in their best moment.

I’ll give you here many reasons to have “Iridium” in your home and for you to choose it as one of the best Technical Death Metal efforts released. Cerebrum did their best in creating a neat and rich instrumental environment here. I say rich because guitarists don’t simple go up and down major scales as most do these days or dig some exquisite scales just to show off their skills. In “Iridium” guitarists use lots of techniques from the top notch to the almost forgot whammy-bar techniques very used by 1980’s Death Metal bands – not only them, remind that. Guitars are exciting and creative because they choose many tones and ways of playing the same notes. As a matter of fact, Cerebrum guitarists are no groundbreaking guitarists, but they do their best, and their playing goes far from the average.

Quote a song? Nah, I’ll leave that to you, my child of the time.

Cerebrum “Iridium” was released on December 21st via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Time Reversal
  2. A Face Unknown
  3. Memory Hoax
  4. Euphoric Control
  5. Gods in Trance
  6. Cognitive Dissonance
  7. Astral Oblivion
  8. Absorbed in Greed
  9. Escape to Bliss

Watch “A Face Unknown” official video here: