Come Back From The Dead – The Rise Of The Blind Ones

The more Death Metal I listen, the more astonished I get with the diversity and creativity of the musicians and bands. By the way, I guess no genre has bands with bigger names… Well, I guess it gets ugly when Modern Metal bands come to the scene. No kidding but names with five words are so difficult to get, that’s why fans shorten them up.

Aside the jokes about names and everything Come Back From The Dead are a great surprise because  “The Rise of the Blind Ones” is a moody album with so many atmosphere that it is difficult to keep track. As I said, Death Metal bands have been the cutting edge scene for some time in Metal. “The Rise of the Blind Ones” has many Doom Metal atmospheres and, for my astonishment, even Heavy Rock as in the fuzzy guitars in “Outcast Of The Light” which give a great sonance to the song making it even more aggressive. By the way, guitar solos in “The Rise of the Blind Ones” are a highlight due to their creativity and plotting twists bouncing techniques and so. “Nebulaes Of Malevolent Shining” and “Darkness Abominations” can tell you that. The thing that keeps the eye is that Come Back From The Dead ususally make use of those techniques in parts of the songs just to give them the lost touch. As a rule, the other parts of the song are by the book. But, that in no sense, makes “The Rise of the Blind Ones” a boring and predictable album. I’d rather say predictable because Death Metal could never be considered boring. Pay close attention to the riffing in “Lick My Hands Wild Beasts” – to the its name too. Its riffing is frentic and mesmerizing as hell. well, hell is the name of Death Metal, or is it the opposite?

By the way, my compliments to the guitar chefs… Great work guys!

Come Back From The Dead “The Rise of the Blind Ones” was released on September 13th via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Outcast of the Light
  2. Martyr of a Gruesome Demise
  3. Restless in Putrescence
  4. Jugular I – Heretic Impaler
  5. Jugular II – The Altar of Your Neck
  6. Nebulaes of Malevolent Shining
  7. Darkness Abominations
  8. Lick My Hands Wild Beasts
  9. Dead March
  10. Possessed by the Death

Watch “Restless in Putrescence” official lyric video here:

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