Cripple Bastards – La Fine Cresce

Grindcore appeared as the most extreme musical genre of the most extreme musical genre, Heavy Metal. It’s kind of a sick mix of hardcore with death/black metal to the very end. It was really a fuzz when Napalm Death featured their 1987’s “Scum” with its very short songs and extreme-velocity tempos. It was due to Napalm Death having reached the all the possibile limits of speed that Extreme Metal Bands started to hold their horses and easying on cadence and machine gun drums. As I told before, there is a limit for what the human ear can recognize. Extreme-velocity songs tend to sound similar to human ears. That’s why grindcore bands are so scarce.

Here we have Cripple Bastards with “La Fine Cresce” which is a very good piece of modern grindcore bands can do. Of course, Cripple Bastards maintain extreme-velocity tempos in “La Fine Cresce” but they’re not all. Cripple Bastards merge into their songs those incomprehensible growls typical of grindcore with other kinds of vocals. This is healthy. Another thing in Cripple Bastards that I find to be very interesting is that guitars have standard tuning, on the opposite of the low tuned guitar of most grindcore bands. That makes a lot of different because we can distinguish perfectly all notes. It’s not a non-stop fuzz that gives you a headache when you hear them for a long time. Cripple Bastards also maintain the political verve in their lyrics. I also like that a lot. This world is in need of bands that make a stand. Heavy Metal is the opposition and has always been.

There are eighteen songs in “La Fine Cresce” and by that you can notice that Cripple Bastards also kept the tradition of short length songs. But there is a great variety of tempos and cadences and, most important, very interesting guitar riffs as in “Sguardo Neutro.” Others as “Interrato Vivo” as grindcore to the bones. This variety is that makes “La Fine Cresce” an interesting album to all Metal fans, not only to grindcore fans.

Cripple Bastards “La Fine Cresce” was released on November 09th via Relapse Records.

Track Listing:

Watch “La Memoria Del Dolore” official audio video here: