DAVE MUSTAINE on ‘Risk’ Album: ‘People Wanted a MEGADETH Record. They Didn’t Wanna See Dave Bending over backwards to Keep Marty Friedman Happy, ‘Cause Marty Wanted Us to Sound Like Dishwalla’

Yeah, my child of the night, Dave just spoke out and gained some more points with us being loyal to our beloved style. For things like this is that we love him and dislove Metallica. Read here what he said to Trunk Nation:

“The ‘Risk’ record had great players on it. You had Marty Friedman playing guitar on it. That was me, personally, capitulating to Marty’s desires to be more of an alternative band, and we kept slowing down and slowing down and slowing down.”

“If that record would have been called The Dave Mustaine Project and not Megadeth, I think it would have been successful.”

“People wanted a Megadeth record. They didn’t wanna see Dave bending over backwards to keep Marty Friedman happy, ’cause Marty wanted us to sound like f**king Dishwalla.”

On the album, Dave said:

“I don’t regret anything that I’ve released. I think that the record came out at a time when, like I said, I was trying really hard to keep the band together. Marty and Nick [Menza, drums] were… everybody was just fighting all the time, and no one was happy.

“Just think about it: okay, on the surface, what would Dave Mustaine have to do in order to have his management and his band convince him to do a song like ‘Crush’em’? Which I don’t regret at all, but the type of song that it is, it’s not our style of music. It’s very kind of like…

“God, I don’t even know how to say it… To me, it sounds like an electronic song; that’s the purpose of it, but somebody who didn’t really know all of the crazy keyboard s**t behind it.

“That period for us was… I just wanted Marty to be happy, wanted him to stay in the band. I wanted Nick to be happy, wanted him to play. And it just seemed like a Chinese finger puzzle.

“Every time I would move, it would just… it was the wrong thing. And after a while, I just figured, ‘I don’t need this s**t.’ And Marty went this way, Nick went that way, and we just all kind of broke up.”