DAWN OF OUROBOROS Release ‘The Art of Morphology’

DAWN OF OUROBOROS are an exciting new  Blackened Progressive Metal project that is making waves with a unique blend of death, black, post, and atmospheric sub-genres. With the release of their debut single and music video, “Sorrow’s Eclipse,” DAWN OF OUROBOROS have already elicited ample praise and a wash of excitement for their upcoming full-length record.

Founded and helmed by guitarist Tony Thomas (SENTIENT IGNITION, BOTANIST, ex-ABSENT SOCIETY) and vocalist Chelsea Murphy (session work for upcoming video game DOOM: ETERNAL, ex-KINNEFRET), DAWN OF OUROBOROS took shape over the course of the last several years, finding solid footing in late 2018 with the addition of bassist David Scanlon (DELIRIA, MELEK TAUS) and drummer Ron Bertrand (SENTIENT IGNITION, BOTANIST). Fully loaded and fully inspired, DAWN OF OUROBOROS synthesized their mesmerizing brand of crushing and beautiful metal into written material and entered the studio in the Summer of 2019.

With recording engineer Nick Loiacono (Fang Studios) fully invested in the band’s collective vision, DAWN OF OUROBOROS worked to capture their diverse sound and present their material in a developed and visceral way. Combining the formidable technicality of progressive death metal and the overwhelming beauty of post-black metal, this period resulted in a full-length record entitled “The Art of Morphology,” which is currently slated for a March 30th release.

Armed with this slew of new material, a talented and dedicated line-up, and with momentum at their backs, DAWN OF OUROBOROS are set to take the modern metal world by storm with extensive touring and breathtaking music videos, all while continuing to refine their sound and develop into a full-blown contender for the modern metal crown.

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