Dead Head – Slave Driver Review

I always say that Metal trends come and go. Or better yet, the truth is that they never go away, they kind of are kept aside or hidden for a while. And, in a sudden or out of the blue, they reappear as nothing has ever happened. There’s been a lot of 1980’s early extreme Metal bands to review these days. I lost count of them – well, really, I wasn’t counting just paying close attention hahahahaha. This “Slave Driver” has the flavour of the early Blackened Death/Thrash Metal that made bands as Slayer so respected. I quote Slayer because it is the easier band for my dear fan to understand what kind of Extreme Metal sound Dead Head perform. Besides that the band has great influence of the band and to be more precise from the “Divine Intervention” era one of the most heavy and fast albums of the band. has “Slave Driver” two foots in it to say the least. Pay attention to the amazing and insane guitar solos as the duo Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman use to do. Do you remember the crazed whammy bars licks and bridges the duo loved to do? They here get as insane and inspired.

This is an album of insane and mesmerizing and fast as hell guitar riffing. Even though Dead Head’s league is the speed of light guitar riffings and drumming “Slave Driver” is an album that surprises the fan for its variety of tempos, cadences, and a trip through Extreme metal’s style. “Fear Scraper” tells a good tale about the album and it’s the track that makes the fan get to know most of it. The track is a kind of stop and go as its speed goes changing around the more than five minutes of the song.

I don’t if the it is because of the music in here that sounds so familiar to me but I felt great to listen to this album “Slave Driver.” I mean, evry time I put it to play when I came to myself the album was almost in the end. Of course, it’s more to the fans of the mighty and great Slayer but fans of other amazing bands will love the album. Hear me oh my dear fan.

Dead Head “Slave Driver” was release on April 08th via Hammerheart Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Acolyte
  2. Grim Side Valley
  3. Frequency Illusion
  4. Southfork
  5. Drawn into the Wire
  6. Polar Vortex
  7. Grooves of Envy
  8. Parabellum
  9. Fear Scraper
  10. Horrors of Hades

Watch “Polar Vortex” official music video here: