Dead Now – Dead Now

The comes and goes of heavy music always keep surprising me. In my deepest and haze thoughts, heavy rock was kind of dead. Such a pitty because besides Metal, it’s a musical genre that I appreciate a lot. Not only because of the huge fuzzy guitar sonance and the shoegazed drum pace, but also because it is one of the forefathers of Metal. Add to that a vocalist that songs as a maniac and you’ll have the perfect heavy rock band. Dead Now play this role very well with their mesmerizing guitar riffs and the huge drumming sound. “Ritchie Black Mourning” tells exactly this tale I’m telling you. Or “Bird Leaf” whose hypnotic guitar riffing drives you many miles away. And you can add to that some modern guitar technique in “Bird Leaf” that makes it very interesting. This mix of modern and ancient technique always satisfies me.

Tracks like “Powershapes” and their shoegazed pace and sonance have puzzled me for a long time due to their similarity with grunge and some modern metal bands. The thing is that modern bands take more of the vibe than the instrumental. The same goes with the effects which try to emulate the 1970s vibe. For some it works fine. But I do prefer the real deal as Dead Now whose tracks like “Motorekt” make you trip with the perfect guitar phrasing.

Modernity has its pros, as I’ve been telling you here. One of them is allowing bands like Dead Now to come to existence. Few years ago it would be impossible. Or at least, ver difficult because this niche market was very small to be profitable. Well, not anymore.

Dead Now “Dead Now” will be released on September 07th via Brutal Panda Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Brunette
  2. Ritchie Black Mourning
  3. Bird Leaf
  4. Powershapes
  5. Motorekt

Watch “Powershapes” official audio here: