Death N’ Darkness Prevails – In The Name of Lust and Sin Review

Black Metal communities are very well organized. It’s possible to tell when I receive an album like this Death N’ Darkness Prevails “In The Name of Lust and Sin” which was recorded by only two musicians very far from each other. I mean, countries far. All the instrumentals were recorded by Belchior at Belchior’s Coven Studio in Quincy, MA – USA and vocals by Eduardo Nightfall in Caruaru, PE – Brazil. It’s amazing to wonder the possibilities technology brings us today. Not only wonder but effectively do. In matter of seconds – Well, it depends on the internet conection, of course.

Musicwise, “In The Name of Lust and Sin” reminds a lot Running Wild’s “Gates to Purgatory” and “Branded and Exiled” guitar riffings especially when it regards to the repetion of notes as in “Victory’s March” except for the amazing keyboarding. The essence is there. Just a reminder, those two early Running Wild’s efforts do have a Black metal grip exception for the vocals and for the speed. The guitar riffs are slower and fierceful giving the song an extra dose of heavyness and power. The feeling is a slower Running Wild with stronger riffing. There is also something epic with them all. The guitar solo tone of “Sacrifice” reminds Venom’s a lot. It reminds that much that it actually is a cover from the band – hahahahahahahaha. By the way, I forgot to say that Death N’ Darkness Prevails is following a tradition initiated by Venom.

This kind of guitars is a trend Black Metal bands are following for some time. Take Satyricon, for instance. The idea is to give the more strength possible to the guitars. Not speed, but power. That’s the task to follow. It’s funny to note that the riffing it seems to follow the mood of the songs. I mean, the riffing gives the mood and the intensity of each track in “In The Name of Lust and Sin” which, by the way, the tittle says a lot as well because they are two powerful and intense feelings. I have to say that vocals are very intense as well and varies as it is possible given the need to be harsh. But, I’d say that they are pretty creative here.

Death N’ Darkness Prevails “In The Name of Lust and Sin” was released in March via Dead Paradise Records.

Track Listing:

  1. In The Name of Lust and Sin
  2. Evil Spirit
  3. His Seed
  4. Sacrifice
  5. Victory’s March
  6. By the Force of Judean Nails

Watch “His Seed” official video here: