Desultory – Through Aching Aeons

I was really in the mood for some serious punching band. You know those days when you wake up with some anger issues. When you wanna send all that sick, lonely, and sad world to hell. You really do, hum? So I did what every headbanger in this globe would do…

Listen to a band with some serious fierceful and ferocious intent. What’d you think?

So my decision was on Desultory “Through Aching Aeons.” And they didn’t disappointed me at all. Right on death metal. Straight ahead riffing. Nervous drumming. Angry and growling vocals. Everything I was in the mood for.

Desultory are a band that will please all extreme music lovers because of their brand of some melody in the guitar phrasing with the angry vocals I referred before. “Through Aching Aeons” shows a straight ahead extreme metal band who cares about the right dosing of melodic lines. “Through Aching Aeons” makes you headbang all over it. The alchmists of Desultory found the secret formula of mixing the right doses of melody and aggression to result in a perfect extreme metal album, which “Through Aching Aeons” is for sure. Carefully chosen, some songs, besides the innocent guitar phrasing, end with some lyrical touch as we can see in “Beneath The Bleeding Sky.” We can see that in melodeath bands, but Desultory wave between styles. Desultory isn’t a pure death metal band, and it’s not a melodeath band. Desultory stay put perfectly right in the middle being a band that uses majestically musical turns in their music. Songs like “Divine Blindness” are a real turn over of tempos and guitar phrasing. It begins almost in the speed of light to refrain a bit. And then comes the melodic guitars, which gives the divine touch to the song. Hard to combine all that, let’s agree on that, shall we?

“Through Aching Aeons” is an effort that really impresses, and it’s an outcome of a band that plays like a real band. No musician is a show-off and wants to be ahead of the pack. Everybody knows perfectly well where they belong. That’s why Desultory’s music is so cohesive. In “Through Aching Aeons,” Desultory’s option was to bring in each song a myriad of elements. Exactly shot in the taste of extreme metal fans. “Through Aching Aeons” is an album that you can purchase with blinded eyes. It’s honest, pure, and straight ahead. Does an album need anything else? I guess not.

Track Listing:

  1. Silent Rapture
  2. Spineless Kingdom
  3. Through Aching Aeons
  4. In This Embrace
  5. Beneath The Bleeding Sky
  6. Slither
  7. Divine Blindness
  8. Breathing The Ashes
  9. Our Departure

Watch “Our Departure” official video here: