Diabolic Night – Beyond the Realm

I confess I have a thing for Speed Metal specially with the bonus of extreme melodic guitar duo interventions. Today’s review subject Diabolic Night with “Beyond the Realm” is really a band which can represent best this category of Speed Metal Hell. If you are in the mood for some speed-of-light drumming, prominent basses with that metallic tone, and a guitar duo that makes their instruments really proud, you’ve got to listen to “Beyond the Realm.”

Many may say that Diabolic Night are a bunch of Speed Metal conventions added with some melodious guitars. Yeah, that may be right indeed. But what the band do here is a little bit farther than this. Diabolic Night embody completely the spirit of Metal with generous doses of speed and anger. We are witnessing a band that do like what they are doing. It’s possible to feel it in each note of the each nine songs of “Beyond the Realm.” Many also say about being true, but only a few really know what that means. I say that Diabolic Night are a true sample of the truism people all say. Why? Because all nine tracks of “Beyond the Realm” are full of that energy and power that we all metalheads are proud of with the plus of being extremely well played with great instrumentals, simple but great.

The album is opened by an intro that may blur the undvised who runs into it without any sense. It’s melodic and classic, but soon things come to their right path with the killer “Towards Forgetten Paths” which is the perfect invitation card to all “Beyond the Realm.” It is great to listen again to that “dancing” bass lines which are a trademark of early Helloween and Viper – two bands that represent Speed Metal as hell. Title track “Beyond the Realm” may surprise the fan due to its glorious – again – guitar duo that duels all the song long making us very happy with it. Following track “Odissey” has a more classical music grip from the beginning which sounds as if a Disney cartoon soundtrack – hey, I like them! Guitars change everything by the first minute with another dazzling and incredibly beautiful guitar duo followed by a rapid as hell guitar riffing. Ah, by the way, there is an amazing plot twist by the end when Diabolic Night insert a kind of instrumental bolero or tango. Listen to it. It breaks all expectations.

I’d say that “Beyond the Realm” is worth only by the guitar duo duels, On second thought it’s better say that Diabolic Night offer much more. They are offering a safe passage to when Metal was the greatest thing of all – in fact, it is still, but you know what I mean!

Diabolic Night “Beyond the Realm” will be released on November 15th via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Towards Forgotten Paths
  2. Sovereign of Doom
  3. Crescent Moon Rise
  4. In Retribution
  5. Beyond the Realm
  6. Odyssey
  7. Infernal Power
  8. Reach for the Night
  9. Descension into Dying Spheres

Watch “Sovereign of Doom” official music video here:

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