Dictator Ship – Your Favorites

I’m the kind of guy that by priciples don’t believe in coincidences. My last review was about a band that dealt with the muscial chaos in their Death Metal own way. Now I have a band that deals with a chaotic atmosphere but in a Heavy Rock way. Okay, this is a bit more usual than the last one, but whatever, musical chaos is musical chaos. The thing here is that the fan can perceive better what is the chaos I’ve been talking so much. In this particular case the songs are built up with layers and layers of chords, some power chords, others full chords. This album is in a way fast for the kind of music they are playing. Dictator Ship – yeah, it’s written this way. It’s not only me that makes pranks with names and words – try their best to create the musical chaos I’ve been talking so much in the first two tracks of this “Your Favorites” – you know that I never make puns with names of bands, but with a name like this I think Dictator Ship sound that prank about the boys and the glass of water; for one the glass is half full, for the other the glass is half empty. Dictator Ship are the first boy, if you know what I mean.

“Your Favorites” is full of rock’n’roll features from head to toe. In many ways the effort sounds a lot like the great Ten Years After especially when it comes to the guitars. Petter Heinemann and John Sijbren Leonard do their best to be as virtuosi as Alvin Lee. The duo is pretty good with great interventions and sharp phrasing and solos. It is so good to hear those big and fat rock of the late 1960s. Tracks like “Eat the Poor” really captured the vibe and the feeling of the good old times when rock had something to say to kids. Well, as I said many times; I guess the future for rock is in its past. Listen to the delicious “Savage” and its incendiary guitar riffing and hipnotic drumming and agree with me or not. You may say.

The album looses a bit the the frenetic and insane tempos of the first two tracks, but what it misses in speed it gets in inspiration. The perfect opportunity for you my Metal fan to know where Metal comes from. You may even like it.

Dictator Ship “Your Favorites” will be released on April 17th via The Sign Records.

Track Listing:

  1. In the Heat of the Night
  2. Savage
  3. Good Thing Gone Bad
  4. Just for Fun
  5. Eat the Poor
  6. Gunner Man
  7. From the Womb to the Tomb

Watch “Savage” official music video here: