Doro Pesch: Drinking With Lemmy Almost Ended Me Before I Began


Doro remembers meeting Mr. Lemmy Kilmister in a london pub just before a gig that got WARLOCK signed and getting piss drunk with him. She stated that she was so toasted that she forgot lyrics and just sat down until the band was finished.

“I was rehearsing with the band before, and decided to go around the corner. There was a pub and it was my first time in one. I went in and saw Lemmy sitting there smoking, with a whiskey and cola in one hand. I was just like, ‘Wow!'”I couldn’t speak English well back then, so I was a little nervous. But we were chain-smoking and drinking – and after a while he reminded me I had to play a gig.”

.”I got up with the band, and I had had so many drinks I couldn’t remember the lyrics. Everyone was telling me I ruined my career, I’d never get a record deal. I said, ‘I met Lemmy! He’s my hero, my idol and we had a few whiskey colas. Everyone started laughing and forgave me – and we got the deal anyway so it worked out.”

S0, if you happen to see Lemmy in any pub I suggest you forget what ever it was that you had to do and drink with him. Nothing but good can come from it…