Dreadful Fate – Vengeance

Dreadful Fate with “Vengeance” come with everything you expect from a thrash metal band. All the anger, the ferocity, and speed we expect in a this kind of band are present in “Vengeance.” Even though, as expected, Dreadful Fate are a band that work very well with breaks in their songs. “Unholy Lust,” for instance, begins with a fierceful cadence to have a break into a slower one. “Witches Hammer” does pretty the same. It is a way to break with all the savagery and calm down a little. It’s no big deal, though, this technique is pretty used. But it does work pretty fine.

The real thing with Dreadful Fate is all the anger they pass. As in most of their peers, one can feel a lot of anger in all songs. But Dreadful Fate have a fine irony into lyrics as “The Final Sacrifice” shows. It differs them from the pack. It’s so as the spirit of thrash tells to. It is no problem for them to write songs about death and murder. No problem to be fast as hell as well. This band follows thrash spirit by its book. Therefore, this is their driving force. There is no anacronism in it. There would be if Dreadful Fate were a band out of their time. As they’re not, things run smoothly as nothing had happened and thrash has still the same glory as almost thirty years ago. In my understanding, as I’ve been telling here, that’s the beauty of it.

Thrash has a very loyal bunch of fans. That explains why so many bands are not only recreating its glory time but also making it evolve. The only law possible is the law of moviment. I mean, of evolution. Dreadful Fate are a force of evolution. Though, it doesn’t mean they have to write state of the art songs. They only need to be loyal and faihtful to their masters. Metal is like this, deal with it, or listen to Rihanna.

Dreadful Fate with “Vengeance” will thrash all around on June 15th via I Hate Records / To The Death.

Track Listing:

  1. Vengeance
  2. Death Sentence
  3. Altar Of Cruelty
  4. Unholy Lust
  5. Witches Hammer
  6. Hour Of Reprisal
  7. Eternal Fire
  8. The Final Sacrifice

Watch “Death Sentence” official video here: