DUSTY CHOPPER Are About ‘Rednecks, Cigars, Whiskey & The Devil’

The band was formed in late 2010 on the ashes of the progressive local band called Forget The Past by Borisz Srafutyginov (guitars) and Levente Séd (drums), with the addition of Gergely “Picúr” Vajda (vocals) and Dániel Somodi (bass). The idea was simple: create southern f*ckin’ metal, right in the heart of Central-Europe, driven by beer, whiskey, and sheer rage against everything. After an active first month, the band released it’s first EP “Tales From The Samp” in summer 2011, followed by “Baptized In Beer” in 2012.

After the local success of these EPs, the band started planning on going international. First they hit a few bars and festivals in neighboring countries in Europe, but then in 2014 they went all in, and all flew all the way to the US of A for a tour. It’s important to note that Dusty Chopper were the first ever Hungarian band to perform in the legendary Whiskey A Go Go.

Filled -and fueled- by the experiences of their US tour the band started working on their first full-length album, “Hell of a Ride” which was released in 2015 and was met with quite the success in the local underground.

However, due inner tensions the band officially went on a hiatus shortly after the release of the album,up until 2019, when after ingesting a few (well, okay, a metric f**kton) of whiskey and jäger they decided to reignite the fires of the band with an updated lineup, bringing Zsolt “Unka Bigbones” Harsányi (bass)  and Balázs “Don” Buza (vocals) into the fold.

Last year they released comeback single with a music video (Back On The Road), done a few gigs around Central-Europe, but their energies were mostly focused on creating new stuff. Their efforts bore fruit, and in 2020 “Rednecks, Cigars, Whiskey & The Devil” was released with 7 gasoline-fueled metal monstrosities. The EP is available for free download from the band’s bandcamp profile, and is up on Dusty Chopper’s YouTube channel along with all major streaming platforms.

Band Line-Up:

Levente Séd – Drums
Borisz Sarafutgyinov – Guitars
Zsolt “Unka Bigbones” Harsányi – Bass
Buza “Don” Balázs – Guitar/ Vocals

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