Ellende – Ellenbogengesellschaft Review

First things first, I would like to know where does the idea of this cover come from? It’s one of the most enigmatic covers I’ve ever ran into here in these six years of reviewing. When I say enigmatic is because I haven’t find a word to precisely express what it means and what it passes to my dear child of he night. Well, as a matter fo fact, the music my dear child of the night will find here is enigmatic as well. I guess much more than the album cover. As I’ve been saying for a while, Black Metal is one of Metal’s subgenres that has evolved musically more. It’s true when I say that the music from Black Metal bands of the 1980s has nothing to do with modern Black Metal bands. They have completely different grips and approaches. Modern Black Metal bands have left speed behind as the main feature of their music as it was for 1980’s Black Metal bands. Speed is now one more feature to be used when necessary, not a mandatory one. The prowess of the musician have also grown exponentially. That’s exacty what my dear child of the night will find here with Ellende “Ellenbogengesellschaft” a modern Black Metal band whose lyrics are in German.

“Ellenbogengesellschaft” is like a book where each one of the 8 tracks is a chapter. In each chapter Ellende tell a different story depending on the subject the band desires to cover. Hence, each one of them has a different and complex wrapping that gives each one its own personality. Maybe that’s why all tracks except the acoustic album opener “Ich bin” have a length longer than six minutes. As a rule, all of them have layers and layers of features and traits. “Ich bin” is not only thw album opener but also a bridge to the 1980’s inspired heavy and fast “Unsterblich” that soon has a change of heart and get very melodic and progressive. A great piece of what Black Metal bands are doing these days with all the melody that turns into despair and hopelessness. This track showcases the chants that will be part of other tracks and make a lot of difference in Ellende’s music giving it a mystique and ethereal mood. Not to mention all the blasphemy they pass. “Hand aufs Herz” will have the same speed and velocity and, of course, the 1980’s approach with a modern grip. As I said before, each track is a different chapter within the book called “Ellenbogengesellschaft.”

This album is great piece of what Black Metal bands are doing these days. All the musicianship, all the blast beats, all the power and the glory of a part of Metal music that is known for its ferocity which however can be overwhelmed by a blatant quirky melody.

will be released on September 30th via AOP Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Ich bin
  2. Unsterblich
  3. Ruhelos
  4. Hand aufs Herz
  5. Someday
  6. Freier Fall
  7. Abschied
  8. Verletzlich

Watch official music video here: