Etorkizun Beltza – Ekaitzen Osteko Sua

It is a fact that 99% of the songs and albums we receive are in the English language. But the 1% in other languages are very relevant, I mean, because it explores the diversity of languages existing on this sad and pathetic and lonely little planet. If memory serves me right, we reviewed albums and songs in ancient Icelandic, ancient Norwegian, ancient Norse, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and French. I guess that’s all. This one is in Basque – hum, that’s why sometimes it reminded me Spanish.

Etorkizun Beltza with “Ekaitzen Osteko Sua” offer the fan the good old Heavy Metal of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and many others. But this is an album that might conquer the heart of all metallers with good will and passion for music. It’s hard and heavy and done with passion. That counts a lot. Basque language gives the songs a certain exotic feeling, but the fan gets the impression it doesn’t matter the language when the music is good. The short opening track “Bukaera” presents very the album with an acoustic theme surrounded by some fierceful guitars. Following track “Mundu Irenslea” sounds like the mighty Judas Priest in the “Painkiller” era. Tracks as “Ihesian” have the same power drumming and guitar playing of the Priest’s classic. With their own taste, of course. A great piece of 1990s Metal. It pleases me a lot. But it’s the female vocals in the end leading to an inspired guitar solo that give the Midas touch to the song. The great thing is that the spanking continues in “Apirilak 26…,” which has some Thrash moments, and throughout the album.

The content of “Ekaitzen Osteko Sua” is a great piece of what bands are doing these days. It’s possible to feel the power and the glory that emanate from this album. Heart and soul and passion are the most needed ingredients to play Metal. Etorkizun Beltza have all them, if you ask me.

Etorkizun Beltza “Ekaitzen Osteko Sua” was independently released on April 08th.

Track Listing:

  1. Bukaera
  2. Mundu Irenslea
  3. Altsasukoak Aske!
  4. Ihesian
  5. Apirilak 26…
  6. Oroimenak
  7. Hitzen Gabezia
  8. Sasijainkoen Elikagaia

Watch “Sasijainkoen Elikagaia” official music video here: