EVANS AND STOKES Are ‘Children of God’

Formed in 2016, Evans and Stokes are a Rock/Metal collaboration between Jenny Stokes (NZ)  and John Evans (US). The two teamed up after Jenny heard through the grapevine that John was looking for a songwriter to put lyrics to some of his compositions. Initially, they planned to collaborate on just one song, “Kingdom,” but they had so much fun that it seemed criminal to stop there. With very similar interests in music ranging from Trash Metal to Blues and even Jazz, Evans and Stokes were on the same page right from the beginning so immediately started working on their debut album “Beyond the Gates.” The album, which tells a story of addiction to redemption, was well received, with reviews stating “one of the finer independent releases of the year,” “stunningly composed,” and “poetic.” In 2018, Evans and Stokes released their follow up, “Valley of the Kings,” which tells the story of the rise, reign and fall of the great female Pharaoh Hatshepsut.

Now Evans and Stokes are back and this time with a more mature and developed sound. Released September 25, 2019, their third album “Children of God” covers historical events like The Crusades and the creation of the atomic bomb, but also delves into more personal topics like depression, addiction, temptation, and Christian faith. If you are looking for a gothic styled approach with melodic intros that build into crushing riffs, choruses with big hooks, and meaningful lyrics then “Children of God” by Evans and Stokes is something you should check out.

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