Evans and Stokes – Children of God

First of all, let me get some things straight. Some bands like to be freely labelled as Hard Rock, or even Rock, because it allows them to dance across genres and exercise their creativity. Some of those, at first listening, are clearly not what they, or the press, claim them to be. It’s an estrategy. I guess a valid one. Bands do have to survive, don’t you agree?

This is what happens with Evans and Stokes with “Children of God,” which is a trip through Metal music. From the very beginning with Led Zeppelin’s influences to Iron Maiden and Judas Priest touches in only one song as we can notice by “The Devil’s Tongue.” Not only Metal influences, but “Children of God” shows some clues of Art Rock mostly in the voice of Jenny Stokes who can be sweet and sound to sudden arise some wrath and hell as in “Savior.” The thing is that this album is anything but monolithic with Evans and Stokes bouncing aroung Metal styles freely and shamelessly. There is also room to tracks as the instrumental “Garden of Eden” which starts very gently and goes wild by the third minute. Great oportunity to exercise creativity. And if you have any doubt on the heavyness of “Children of God” start with the first track – duh! – to see what I’m saying. Crispy, hard, and with touches of Thrash, the track fills in all the blanks to be a great track.

Many will slam Evans and Stokes with “Children of God” because of their Christian faith, which in metal is very underestimated and disdained. But, only as a reminder, free speech is one of the flags of Metal. Metal is always the opposition no matter what is the situation. Metallers are free to choose whatever faith they please. Music is what bonds us all, no matter what. And if you are interested in good music here I show you “Children of God.”

Ah, pay attention to the lyrics in “Oppenheimer’s Tragedy” and remember his words: “I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” Is there anything more Metal than this?

Evans and Stokes “Children of God” was independently released on September 25th.

Track Listing:

  1. Children of God
  2. Soul to Keep
  3. Oppenheimer’s Tragedy
  4. Flames of Notre Dame
  5. Godforsaken
  6. Dead-Eyed Dolls
  7. Evildoer
  8. The Devil’s Tongue
  9. Wicked Ways
  10. Savior
  11. Garden of Eden

Watch “Soul to Keep” official music video here: