Exessus – Asynapse Review

A curious and promising cauldron mix of Thrash Metal, Power Metal, and Modern Metal features in only one album. That’s what my dear child of the night will find here in “Asynapse” by Exessus. The album combines also some dashes of Old School Heavy Metal and even some Blues influences as in the semi acoustic intro of “Voyager” that heats it up to an Old School Heavy Metal tune. If done by any other band with different influencs this track would go unnoticed, but with Exessus in command the thing gets totally different. By the way, in its more than six minutes the track has some more plot twists and changes of heart.

By listening to all the album, I got the idea that the essence of Exessus is Thrash Metal as many tracks have this spirit. I also got the idea that, after a hiatus of five years, the band decided to add some spice to their combination and the outcome is the very interesting and promissing “Asynapse” with all things it delivers my dear child of the night. My dear child of the night will also notice that “Asynapse” track by track showcases surprises even if the fan has listened to the album for more than one time as I did. “Leaving” works as an intro to the Thrash Metal guitar gripped “Old Chains” whose chorus adresses to the 1980’s Thrash Metal choruses. The album will hide other surprises if my dear child of the night pays close attention to the the guitars a little low tuned that adresses to Pantera. Even though the melodic guitar solo takes that impression very far away. Ah, by the way, there is also some Prog Metal intent enmeshed in tracks as the long and melodic “Notes of the Soul Pt. 2” with its Queenrÿche intent and melodic mooding. Here the guitars are a little more standard in tone though the opaque sound. Pay close attention to the twin guitars in the middle of the song and the vocals with a different tone of voice. The impression throughout the album is that vocals are a bit out, but it’s only a feeling. Little by little the song gets tougher and tougher though melody enmeshes the song. Following track “Welcome to the Hole” turns out to be the heaviest from the album with its Nuclear Assault mood mixed with Anthrax vocals.

“Asynapse” is the kind of album that has to be enjoyed in its totality for its gradual changes from album opener “Bloodshed” to its grand finale “Paths.” The kind of album to be a discovery for the fan who is willing to something equal but different, if you know what I mean. Highly recommended.

P.S.: The album would be perfect if my dear child of the night disregards what I suppose to be a pun in the end of “Welcome to the Hole” and the disco dance shenanigans. My dear Lord! hahahahahahahaha

Exessus “Asynapse” will be released on October 28th via Blood, Death, Fire Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Bloodshed
  2. Oblivion
  3. No King
  4. Paths
  5. Strength
  6. Inner Parasite
  7. Singular
  8. Leaving
  9. Old Chains
  10. Notes of the Soul Pt. 2
  11. Welcome to the Hole
  12. Paths (Extended Version)

Watch “Bloodshed” official music video here:

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