Exhumed – To the Dead Review

When I received this package from Relapse Records I had in mind a German Exhumed band from the 1980s. But, after a little research – ah, where would I be if Google didn’t exist – I saw that I made a confusion with Exumer, a Thrash Metal band that released “Possessed by Fire” in 1986. I went down some pages until I got satisfied with my research. See how easy it is to trick yourself. The problem is that I had a review written in my mind about Exumer. Never mind. I’ll have my changes here.

Ok, as there are lots of bands named Exhumed, just to be clear this is the Exhumed formed in 1991 from San Jose, California which is one of the pioneers of the Gore Grind. That’s exactly what “To the Dead” is. A Gore Grind album with many influences of Death Metal. It’s possible to notice this in the album as some tracks are pure Grind and the others are pure Death Metal. It’s one or the other as “Disgusted” that kind of combine both subgenres. As a general rule, “To the Dead” is very fast and extremey furious. The cavernous and ominous vocals gives the tone in all tracks. In fact, there is a duet with this one and a grittier vocal as it happens with album opener “Putrescine and Cadaverine” that has a mesmerizer drums pounding that hipnotizes the child of the night. It’s the guitar which breaks the fury to give some melody and, yet, some more mesmerized tones. By the tracks tittles it’s possible to see that the gore  lyrical content stays the same. Some tracks as “Drained of Color” are deceiving in the way I’ve been telling because it begins with a lighter and groovy guitars to in a while turn into a butchery full of blood. Well, Exhumed bloody mark. Ok, it’s true that once ina while like in “Carbonized” the band chills out and step down a little with the speed of the light drumming.

“To the Dead” is full of blood album from the beginning. Exhumed managed to keep the pace throughtout the album one way or another. It doesn’t mean, though, that the album is monolithical. As I said before, tracks have their ups and downs in speed and velocity which are the ones that make it more interesting.

Exhumed “To the Dead” will be released on October 21st via Relapse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Putrescine and Cadaverine
  2. Drained of Color
  3. Carbonized
  4. Rank and Defile
  5. Lurid
  6. Undertaking the Overkilled
  7. Necrotica
  8. No Headstone Unturned
  9. Defecated
  10. Disgusted

Watch “Drained of Color” official music video: