EXODUS Will Release No New Music Until Gary Holt Is Done With Slayer


Exodus vocalist Steve “Zetro” Souza shared an update on the follow-up to 2014’s “Blood In, Blood Out,” telling Janne Vuorela the fans will have to wait at least until late 2019 for the album to be out.

Take a look on what the dude said:

“Unfortunately, because our guitar player and main songwriter [Gary Holy] is finishing the Slayer tour, we’re probably going to have to wait until that’s all done.

“So I would say 2019, late, ’cause they’re booked through next year, so we’re gonna wait until that’s all done. I’m not saying we won’t play or we won’t tour; we just won’t be putting out [any new music].”

Asked of kind of music fans can expect from the new album, Souza replied:

“What kind of music have you heard for the last 35 years? Absolutely heavy, brutally, violently, crazily in your face, like normal Exodus stuff. There’s gonna be no slowing down here, I’m sure.

“I think that the essence is just the true spirit of it all, the true spirit of what we’re doing. I don’t think that Exodus, even when I wasn’t singing with them, or there’s been… Rick Hunolt was the original guitar player – he’s not there anymore – I still think that the energy and the rawness and the ferocity is there. Tom Hunting [drums] is still there, so it’s still Exodus.”

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