False Gods Abiuro – Split Review

Ok, first things first as usual. Haven’t I said that split albums are back again? I guess I have because this the second split album in a week. The thing os that this split album has the most creative tittle of all. Wanna guess? If you said “Split” it’s bull’s eye. Right on, well, this album has a great production unlike their peers as, maybe, it’s a tradition of aplit albums to have a poor production and a not so great sound. This one is the opposite, the production and sound is great, however, the press release is’nt as good as the album. It took me a while to finally get which one was the band I was listening. Ok, first tracks are totally different but second tracks not so much. Yeah, I forgot to say that “Split” has four tracks equally divided by both bands. Two for each.

Ok, now the album. I’m not really used to both sonancies the bands deliver here. False Gods – by the way, what a cool name – makes a mix of modern Metal with Industrial Metal, both I’m really not found of. Abiuro deliver a Funeral Doom, more funeral than doom. I’ll admit it’s not my favorite. And my dear child of the night knows me, there’s very little about Metal music that I really don’t appreciate. Ok, but let’s go as impartial as I can be. Both welcomer tracks showcase what both bands got. False Gods “0% Success Rate” – by the way, what a cool tittle for a song – is a little 1990s Groove Metal influenced. I liked the guitar overtoones though. What really called the eye here was the despair feeling Mike Stack’s vocals passes. It’s different from Black Metal full of despairation vocals however, but it sounds as if this was the last thing in life that he would do. I really appreciate that. “Apophenia” and “Blind Faith” are, in fact, connected. I mean not phisically connected, but musically as they come in a role and, at first, I couldn’t recongnise both. That’s why I said before that the press release wasn’t that good. The plumbious from the seven depths of hell vocals give the tone. What calls the eye here are the guitars and the effects here and there Abiuro add to the songs. From where I’m standing that makes boith songs better to my taste. The album closes with “Time Poisoning” which is okay.

Bith bands bring here sonancies that aren’t so standard around Metal music and that’s really their contribution. Though “Split” isn’t the most creative album tittle, the album itself is worth the while.

False Gods – Abiuro “Split” will be release on April 07th via Doom Fujiyama.

Track Listing:

  1. 0% Success Rate
  2. Apophenia
  3. Blind Faith
  4. Time Poisoning