Farcry – Singularity

Once in a while we receive an effort too hard to label due to its musical complexity. Farcry “Singularity” is the kind of effort that makes us think twice before getting started with a review.  I’d rather just label them as experimental and that’s it. A simple and elegant choice.

“Singularity” isn’t a name chosen for nothing. It explains so well what Farcry musically do in it. Lots of funky riffings, lots of swinging bass and guitar lines, lots of drumming countertimes. The kind of effort that makes any musician, whatever he plays, gets astonish with jawbreaker instrumental lines. Take “September” for instance. The most common guitar line is the fingered part in the middle of it. By the way, it gets a duo with the bass. There is no easy instrumental line to play in “Singularity,” that’s for sure. Once in while, as in the title track, there are some unusual white noise, but the rest of “Singularity” is purely manmade. Really unusual thing these days of so much artificial music. Pay close attention to guitar lines in “Orange Clouds Over The Blue Forest.” A pure delight.

Sometimes get easy to layman ears as in “Home.” Well, not really that much. As a matter of fact, it is kind of swingy, but it gets a bit doomy in the middle to go back to some crazy guitar riffs in the end. My man, how does he do it? The most ‘common’ song in this album, if you get me. “Black Wind” also begins common, but in a sudden, the mood changes into a progressive piece made of some flamboyant guitar playing. Guitar phrases are broken which gives a tortuous sonic dimension. Death metal bands do that do, but faster. In the end it gets weirder, if it is possible.

Well, my boys and girls, Farcry “Singularity” is the kind of album for whom claims to have heard it all. Believe, you haven’t! Metal world made of bands like Farcry is going to surprise you much more.

Farcry “Singularity” was self-released on August 04th.

Track Listing:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Singularity
  3. Harmonium
  4. September
  5. Orange Clouds over the Blue Forest
  6. Home
  7. Black Wind
  8. The Last Minute
  9. Cemetery Dance

Watch “Home” official video here: