The Forbidden Ritual – Tearfrost

Holly Molly, I just can’t tell how I love this musical contrast bands like The Forbidden Ritual are offering us. To be completely honest with you, that’s the thing that has been calling my attention in those more than 30 years listening to Metal. This brutal, dark, dense, and caothic sonic walls that The Forbidden Ritual built with “Tearfrost” are simply amazing. This world is no bed of roses. And I’m pretty sure that you, my fellow reader, will agree with me when I say that this sad world is much more how bands as The Forbidden Ritual tell than the opposite. Besides all that, The Forbidden Ritual prove that Heavy Metal is a world phenomena.

The first seconds of “Elation in Oblation” shows all the brutality that is to come. Not only brutal, “Elation in Oblation” is of that black beauty that we’ve been talking about. Moreover, “Elation in Oblation” is great piece of Metal playing. The guys of The Forbidden Ritual are skillful and resourcefull. With the gentle name of “Ruth,” this second track is even more technical. It’s really impressive the way The Forbidden Ritual deal with their instruments. As I told before, the days for amateurs in Metal are over. Check the riffing of  “Lake of the Decayed” out. See how complex and entricated they are. “Tearsfrost” is also an album of epic songs, “Petrichor” has an epic begining that evolves into a more complex and dense atmosphere. One can’t sing along with “Tearsfrost,” that’s not the intent, but one can headbang at large. Yes, we can.

We’re anxiously waiting for the following The Forbidden Ritual effort. It will really be a pitty if they decide to disband.

Track Listing:

  1. Elation In Oblation
  2. Ruth
  3. Lake Of The Decayed
  4. Petrichor

You can listen to The Forbidden Ritual in full here:

The band is also on Bandcamp.