FRAISE Reach ‘The Fifth Sun’

Fraise are a Swedish metal project formed in 2002 by drummer and songwriter Patrick Fransson, a self financed project which means that everything who comes in to the project goes back in full to the project. In this way, we have been able to make new records and have not been bound to any record company that in many cases takes large portions of the income.

Some help needs to been taken from outside when it comes to covers, mastering, some promotion and distribution.

Producing all material in the own studio has always been a natural choice. The first result comes in 2004 when they released the first full length album “Hellicornia.”
After overwhelming reviews on the debut album, they decided to become a more permanent band. The band did a few gigs after “Hellicornia” was released. A German booking agency, B-management showed interest to the band and a small European tour was planed, but the whole thing did not happen when some members chose to quit.

With a new line-up in 2006, which would be a new beginning, is also the title of their second album “A New Beginning” in 2007 with distribution by CD-baby (USA).
The band was featured on the compilation CD “Kill City XI” with the song “Heal Me Now” and also “Fall a Prey” from the same album appeared in a commercial film.

Several gigs were performed in Sweden during this period and the band went back into the studio in 2009 to record the third album “Siamese Conspiracy.”
Just before the release of the album Fraise returned back to being a project more than a official band because some members need to quit for different reason and to find permanent members in the near future was to hard.
Anyway, “Siamese Conspiracy” was released 2014, with a bigger Distrubition deal by DistroSong.

The search for new members yielded results in 2015. With a new guitarplayer, a new singer and even all the good feedback over the years put inspiration to write new material and Fraise decided to release their fourth album “Circle-O-Zero” in 2017 with strong material and stability in the line-up. The title is based on everything in life has a beginning and an end, no matter what it is.

The new members have given Fraise new blood, which has resulted in the fifth album in the order of being released in May 2020.

“The Fifth Sun” is the most lavish production of the band of all time and the songs are harder, rawer and better than ever.

It is also the first time the band is making a concept record. Which, hopefully, will be a continuation.

Band Line-Up:
Staffan Ericson – Vocals
Fredrik Falkerstedt – Guitars
Simon Lindholm – Bass
Patrick Fransson – Drums

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