GALAXY Are ‘Runaway Men’

Galaxy were a band that stemmed from the north of the Netherlands, and existed from 1983 to 1997. The band members started playing together at a very early age (Ard Ofers was eleven when he joined his two and a half years older brother in Galaxy in 1983). Through the years they released several demotapes, a single and a mini-CD “Back Before the Storm.” Although most of their releases were reviewed favorably by regional and national musicpress, it never came to a breakthrough. With their final lineup, formed in 1992 they recorded an album in 1997 that sadly was never released. Twenty four years and a bit later, the rough mixes got into the hands of David van Hartingsveldt via Bart. The latter had become (and still is) lead singer for the Dutch progrock legends Kayak in 2018 and David was curious to find out what he had done in the past. David immediately thought he heard something worthwhile in Galaxy and wanted to do something to prevent the album from disappearing into oblivion. Neither time nor effort was spared to bring you this album. After 25 years, “Runaway Men” will finally released.

Band Line-Up:
Bart Schwertmann – lead vocals and bass guitar
Niels Lingbeek – guitars and backing vocals
Ard Offers – keyboards and backing vocals
Nils Offers – drums

CD Track Listing:

01. Answers
02. Look Into My Eyes
03. Never The Same
04. In Her Head
05. Lady Of Fire
06. Talk To Me
07. Gallery Play
08. Runaway Man

Back Before The Storm (mini CD) – 1991
Runaway Men (2020)

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