Geld – Currency // Castration Review

I may be wrong but I found Geld “Currency // Castration” very near the early and seminal albums of the iconic and pioneer Hardcore band GBH. The on-purpose raw instrumentals – I say on purpose because it’s possible to feel that the band can give more in terms of refining their instrumentals – is stapler of the band. However, vocals are in that middle of Extreme Metal and Hardcore being both at the same time as the album flows and the track needs. Make no mistake “Currency // Castration” is for the fan that appreciates 1980’s Hardcore and Crossover. So, there are guitar solos, but they aren’t exactly what a Metal fan would expect. In fact, they are the guitar solos here and there Hardcore songs have. They are short, with few notes and sometimes sound a little naive. On the other hand, the guitars use a lot of effects and some of them are the same many Gothic rock bands used to have in their records as Chorus and the Whah. The outcome gives the band a kind of psychedelic mood that approaches the band to Metal music – ironically. Thar makes Geld’s approach unique from everything I’ve heard here.

There are tracks as “=Gas of Corruption” and “Clock Keeps Crawling” that sound very Hardcore. If my child of the night listens to them only there is nothing in them that addresses to other genre than Hardcore. They are, for instance, tittle track “Currency” and “Chained to a Gate” that use many Metal elements that make the songs get more Metal related. Not Metal, but Metal related. Other tracks as “Success” use some ethereal effects that give it the psychedelic impression I told before.

Everything in “Currency // Castration” is frentic as “Secret Prision” reveals. The album is a non-stop and relentless powerhouse with a beyond what is expected for Hardcore drumming. It’s the drums the give most of the power of the album. And to think that there is no double bass dumming in here. Fantastic.

Geld “Currency // Castration” is for the fans that would like to see a brand new interpretation of GBH with some Metal and psychedelic elements. The outcome is simply breathtaking.

Geld “Currency // Castration” will be released on June 9th via Relapse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Currency
  2. Chained to a Gate
  3. Cut You Down
  4. Clock Keeps Crawling
  5. Fog of War
  6. The Fix Is in
  7. Across a Broad Plain
  8. Hanging From a Rope
  9. =Gas of Corruption
  10. Success
  11. Secret Prison
  12. Castration

Watch “Success” official music video here: