GIBSON Has A New CEO; His Name’s James ‘JC’ Curleigh From Levi’s

Gibson has finally announced the man who has the burden of saving the company from bankruptcy: James ‘JC’ Curleigh who was the president of Levi Strauss & Co.

The company also announced the names of Cesar Gueikian as the new CMO (chief merchant officer), Kim Mattoon as the new CFO (chief financial officer), and Christian Schmitz as the new CPO (chief production officer).

JC stated:

“As a musician, I have always treasured my Gibson guitars and I have the utmost respect for the iconic Gibson brand and those who choose to play Gibson guitars.

“Gibson has been a pioneer of craftsmanship and innovation in musical instruments and has been synonymous with shaping the sounds of generations and genres for more than 100 years. I am very honored to play a leading role with this iconic brand.

“This is the beginning of a new era for Gibson that will build on its proven heritage and iconic status. We are focusing on the future and off to a fresh start, with a strong financial foundation, a committed and experienced new leadership team and new ownership that is equally passionate about the brand.

“As the industry leader, we have an opportunity and an obligation to set the best conditions for success for our brands, our fans, our partners and our own extended team. I look forward to leading Gibson confidently into the future.”