Glasya – Attarghan Review

Manowar meet Nightwish. That’s a description that fits pretty well with the music and mood found here in “Attarghan,” a bold and ambicious album which tells an epic driven story inspired on the Persians. Glasya describe themselves as a soundtrack Metal band and I tend to agree with them from what I heard here. “Attarghan” kind of tells a story with a present narrator among the tracks. By the way, “Queen’s Temptation” is a narration of the moment the enemy armies get near the Queen’s land. A three minute narration of this important moment on the story the band is telling. I have to say that I find this kind of conception pretty interesting and I dare to say that it’s unique in the Metal music world. In my many years of fan and reviewer I have never heard anything like this. Undoubtedly a point to Glasya. All this conceptualization attracts me a lot. It means the band took their time to think it over everything to deliver the fans. To create a story around the band is a creative way to call the eye. I recommend my dear fan to listen carefully all the narrations. They are really worth it.

Musicwise the definition I wrote in the beginning of the review is pretty accurate. Glasya are where Manowar’s epic Power Metal meets Nightwish’s Symphonic Metal. Moreover, both vocals types of vocals are present except Manowar’s Eric Adam’s melodic and high pitched vocals. That combination would be very interesting if you ask me. A tip to the band to the next album. In the mix Glasya add a bit of oriental music and instruments as in “Queen’s Temptation” to give the fan an idea of the location they are about. I wonder how a Glasya’s show would be. Instrumental passages are pretty neat and it’s possible to notice that the band took some time of production to record them. Eduarda Soeiro has a very prominent voice, however the press release doesnt elucidate who’s her mal companion or who narrates the parts. Well, it isn’t mandatory but I got really curious to know.

Really, I’d really love to see a Glasya’s show. Their stage must be astonishing if they follow their stories.

Track Listing:

  1. Attarghan
  2. From Enemy to Hero
  3. Way to Victory
  4. Retaliation
  5. First Taste of Freedom
  6. Journey to Akhbar
  7. Queen’s Temptation
  8. Battle for Trust
  9. The Sound of 10.000 Feet Marching
  10. Within the Sandstorm
  11. We Weren’t Meant to Be
  12. At the Empire’s Gate
  13. Eye to Eye, Sword to Sword
  14. A New Era has Come
  15. The Legend Lives on

Watch “Journey to Akhbar” official video here: