Gnosis – The Offering of Seven

This “The Offering of Seven” has of interesting features. It’s raw, brute, and black. Gnosis have that rawness that intrigues us. One can notice musicians are playing their best with all the heart and passion they have. Gnosis are not a band of virtuosos. Very far from it, but the passion they apply in songs is remarkable. Form whom knows better, a good comparison is Desolation Angels. The same heart and soul with interesting instrumental solution that hide their lack of musical expertise. Funny thing is that this is great! “The Offering of Seven” is a very interesting album. Gnosis are very near punk musical world in terms of musical expertise. But they are Metal to the bones.

Gnosis “The Offering of Seven” is like an uncut diamond. “Evil Spirit” is the best example of it. A cover of Running Wild’s first years which fits perfectly to Gnosis sonance. It’s the kind of song if you put something else, the result won’t be good. Perfect the way it is. This is the main sonance of “The Offering of Seven.” It’s an album which could have been recorded in the 1980s with all the diversity of some Metal bands. I mean, there were some bands that were borderline extreme metal, but weren’t exactly extreme metal because not all songs in the effort were extreme. That’s Gnosis. Sometimes doom, sometimes heavy, sometimes power, or black. But Metal.

“The Offering of Seven” opens and closes with two instrumental tracks simply called “Intro” and “Outro.” Both are of unusual instruments as a distorted zither in “Intro” and some church bells in “Outro.” It makes“The Offering of Seven” like a history which has a beginning and an end. Interesting solution.

Gnosis “The Offering of Seven” will be released on September 21st via Terror From Hell Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Devils and Spirits
  3. Hand of the Fates
  4. Dark King on the Mount
  5. Golden Wings
  6. Transcendence pt. 1
  7. Evil Spirit
  8. The Great Storm
  9. Outro

Watch “Devils and Spirits” official video here: