HER DESPAIR Do ‘Exorcisms of Eroticism’

There’s a lot to be gloomy about in 2019, and here to provide the soundtrack to these grim and desperate times are Her Despair. Taking their inspirations from the heyday of goth rock, the UK sextet bring these up to the modern era with their own twist. After an exceptionally successful EP entitled “Mournography,” which garnered the band copious amounts of international attention, they are back with their third release, “Exorcisms of Eroticism.”

The six tracks succinctly capture the balance between heaviness and earworm quality – crepuscular catchiness, if you will. The EP opens with the weighty punch of “Pandaemonium,” as airy synths hover over the rumble of the rhythm section. The guitar solo is also but one spectacular moment of its ilk on the record. Later on, “Beyond the Veil” showcases the band’s softer side as a pseudo-ballad, where the sonorous vocals echo heartfelt sentiments akin to HIM’s Ville Valo at his finest. But each track has its own personality, whether that emerges in a chorus or a solo or the small details in the songwriting.

While bands like Fields of the Nephilim and Sisters of Mercy may have had their time in the spotlight, now it’s time for Her Despair to step out of the shades and bask in the moonlight. “Exorcisms of Eroticism” is a major step up for the band and demands multiple listens to appreciate its gothic beauty.

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