Horned Wolf – Become Like They Are Review

Writing for this page is always a travel in time. Always because we’re talking of a genre that was created and shaped more than 50 years ago and still raise some hell. Ok, this Horned Wolf “Become Like They Are” isn’t, but the intent – ah, the intent – is of a proto Metal shape if I were to label them. Most impressive is vocalist Sav MangelsDorf’s voice which goes from the high pitches to the most incredible yells and shouts straight from her innards. A throat that would make Nina Hagen very envy. The same heart, the same respectable capability of shouting out from the blues. In fact, if it would possible to situate “Become Like They Are” exactly in time it would be from the late 1960s or the early 1970s. The overdriven guitars never lie. However, for our sake’s, Horned Wolf are our contemporaries. Sav MangelsDorf’s voice can’t be more of today’s.

“Become Like They Are” is a very varied album. Hearing the initial moments of “Charnel House” my dear fan will have the impression that this is a Death Metal only by the vocals. As I said is just incredible. The guitar riff of “Drag the Bayou” addresses a little to the precious gem of the 1970s Kiss “Parasite” – one of the best songs of the band. “Become Like They Are” isn’t Metal, but the intent and the power and the force are really Metal. For my dear fan to have an example, “You’re Boring,” tittle and opening track’s guitar riffs reminds a lot Manowar’s “Gods Made Heavy Metal.” It’s an impression I can’t help it. The track’s emotional intent and powerful high adrenalized cadence gets the fan by the guts. All the Metal impression caused by it goes away by following track “Bloodlines” whose totally 1960s overdriven guitars and pentatonic scales give the lead. Though I guess no one that time had the voice of Sav MangelsDorf. I really doubt it.

Have I mentioned Sav MangelsDorf’s voice? Yeah, I have. But she’s fantastic, guys! Believe me! From where I’m standing the best thing in the album is her voice. She’s the missing link that connects Horned Wolf’s 1960s intent music to the future. The band get to connect both sometimes unconnected times fully. Of course, some tracks may sound a little out but it’s just an impression. It’s so rare a band that can embody both epochs so vividly. So worth a try. Believe me.

Horned Wolf “Become Like They Are” will be released on June 24th.

Track Listing:

  1. You’re Boring
  2. Bloodlines
  3. Charnel House
  4. Drag the Bayou
  5. Become Like They Are
  6. Host
  7. Every Creature’s Luck Runs Dry (Doom Forever)

Watch “You’re Boring” official video here: