Humble BEHEMOTH’S NERGAL Says That ‘Sweden Doesn’t Need Me, But Poland Needs Me in Order to Evolve’

One may say ‘Oh, my – I willingly changed the words. NO cursing allowed here – not Nergal again.’ Yeah, the dude may seem he can’t keep his tongue into his mouth. A true… blabbermouth! Juts take a look how many articles he’s got here during the last few weeks. Nah, I’m just kidding. Don’t count.

And here he is again. Now the target is his home country Poland, and of course religion. In an interview to Sweden’s Rock Sveridge, he in a very humble way blasted:

“I’ve said this already a couple of times during this trip: I bet that Sweden doesn’t need Nergal. I said it when I was in Helsinki. I don’t think that Finland is a country that needs me, but I bet that Poland needs me in order to evolve.”

“There is no evolution without questioning the laws and provoking people into discussions. That’s what we do and that’s what art is made for.”

“I’m gonna paraphrase one of my favorite Polish novelists, Witold Gombrowicz (1904-1969), he said about literature and I’ll paraphrase it and bring it to a musical or art level: ‘Art is not there to make people’s lives easier. It’s there to make your life more difficult.”

“Let it f**king disturb you, let it stir s**t up, let it be controversial. It must not be easy. If it’s easy, it’s probably some soap opera on TV. That’s not art and far from it.”