Impalement – The Impalement

Only the ones who love music, and even more, the ones who love extreme music will understand what I feel when I listen to first and title track “The Impalement.” The song kicks off with a blazing and striking drumming blasts that knock the fan out. When the guitar riffing comes the fan feel all the melancholy it passes. It’s great emotion to listen to such overwheelming devilish beauty of the extreme music. I have no regrets of saying this; “The Impalement” is one of the songs that recently stroke me.  Maybe because there are times in your life that you extremely sad and lonely and you feel more vulnerable. Maybe just because it is a real masterpiece. I could find peace listening to this album.

I always like to stress that I love the contrasts Extreme Metal music does in each piece and each Metal act. For the record, this particular album has lots of them specially when it comes to the guitars. Each intervention brings a completely new sensation of misery and melancholy that makes each song unique. Guitarists Beliath and Raptus fill all the blanks left for him with a remarkable competence and similar dexterity shown by the way he switches and uses different guitar techniques. And I mean not only the techniques restrict to his genre, but all Metal guitar techniques. Of course, as we’re talking about an Extreme Metal band, there are tracks that kick a—s as “I Am All” with a dazzling double-bass drumming and a killer guitar riff that gives some disorientation to the fan. By the way, I have to leave here my compliments and my wishes to drummer Torturer who tortures his kits with all the anger he has in his heart – no pun intended – and to the guitars and vocals made by Beliath which gave “The Impalement” a b*stial beauty. There are moments that his death grows vocals get very near to the properly said singing. I have to say that this kind of Extreme Metal pleases me the most.

If you read my last review about Evoke, you may notice that I said that the band was an early Extreme Metal sonancy. It’s interesting to compare bands not to bash or badmouth one or another, but to feel the differences they have into the same style. Extreme Metal is so rich in nuances and textures that it’s impossible to one band encarnate them.

Impalement “The Impalement” was self-released on April 30th.

Track Listing:

  1. The Impalement
  2. The Tombs of the Saints
  3. Within the Court of Rats
  4. Alma Pater
  5. I Am All
  6. Satan’s Fire in My Eyes
  7. Thus Spoke I – Götzendämmerung

Watch “The Impalement” official album track here: