Impending Triumph – Impending Triumph Review

There are three kinds of epic in Metal music besides what is generally called Epic Metal: epic albums, epic bands, and epic songs. Everything I’ve heard here make me say that Impending Triumph with their self-tittled album fall into two out of three: epic album and epic songs besides, of course, being a band that performs the so-called Epic Metal. I say Epic Metal because vocals and, mostly, the guitars go a little further on the emotional content they desire to pass. They tend to be more melodic that average bands I’ve heard here for a while. Songs are intentionally built up to pass this kind of feeling to the fans. On one hand, some may say it’s some kind of overreaction or even showing off, but – there is always one – this is a way to express feelings. Nothing else. On the other hand, Metal music has been like this since forever, if you know what I’m saying. “Impending Triumph” contains only four tracks and an intro with almost two minutes which by all means make it an EP. The other tracks are average length except the grand finale “Temple of Oblivion” with eight minutes on the dot being als the most interesting track of the album. An important info is that Impending Triumph have only two members that do it all in this album from vocals to guitars and drumming.

“Dawn of Death” is the intro that does the honors to introduce the album to my dear child of the night. Following a Metal music tradition it doesn’t have nothing to do with the other songs from the album, except its melody. On second though, trying to think as Impending Triumph I guess the track is here to make the  melodic introduction of what is to come. The track is acoustic and passes the affability the band would like to pass. Following track “Armies of the Conqueror” hits harder with a pounding guitar riffing intertwined with vocals going further in emotion than it is the standard. Vocalist François doesn’t pitch much in the songs to reinforce the emotion, but he does impose his vocal a little more to achieve it. The oucome I must say that is nice as it doesn’t sound too much or too exagerated. “The Invisible Fortress” carries a little more on vocals and guitars which use that galloping that always work fine. The chorus is catchy and strong as good coffee and make the fan singalong without even noticing as I’m now. It’s fantastic the way some songs work on us. Speed Metal is honored with “Dragon Hunt” as the tittle says. I guess no song with the term ‘dragon’ in the tittle can’t be Speed Metal or Power Metal. Maybe there is a unwritten rule about that. By the way, Speed Metal and Power Metal always tend to be epic. That’s another unwritten rule. Passionate is a word that fits perfectly to what I’ve heard here.

Another album to nomination.

Impending Triumph “Impending Triumph” will be released on May 05th via Jawbreaker Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Dawn of Death
  2. Armies of the Conqueror
  3. The Invisible Fortress
  4. Dragon Hunt
  5. Temple of Oblivion

Watch “Armies of the Conqueror” official lyric video here:


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