Indian Nightmare – Ancient Force

Just few minutes ago I posted a review from a band that recreated the 1960s sound and I told that I hail this kind of effort because I know it’s not so easy to do that. It’s not that easy either to in 2019 be fond of so “ancient” kind of music. The thing is that these days’ music is so plastic and irrelevant that kids want something with more flavour and truthful. I’m saying all that because Indian Nightmare with “Ancient Force” are doing just the the same, but with some a little more updated music – just a little. The thing is that Indian Nightmare chose a very peculiar kind of Metal that were done in the 1980s and for that reason was supposed to be more relevant. Well, I won’t discuss the trueness of Indian Nightmare “Ancient Force” and the Metal subgenre they chose. This kind of blackened Heavy Metal with some touches of early Thrash – I mean really early as first Slayer efforts – wasn’t that popular in terms of bands and public that time. Of course, to be popular wasn’t really desired by many bands that time. The more obscure and underground, the more desired and cult the band was.

In fact, the music Indian Nightmare make has a parallel that many don’t know which the Dark Glam Metal. Do you not know it? Ah, how come, my child of the night! Shame on you. well, I’ll tell you only one band that represents it and you’ll get it: WASP. Please, don’t you shoot me, but there some parallels between them: the guitar solos, the look, the lyrics. When I say parallel I don’t mean they are exactly the same, but songs as “Incursions of Death” do sound a bit. Of course, Indian Nightmare are more near early Slayer, but nevermind. It always great to review a band with so shining – ops! – intent. Paying the respects to the bands that came before is something you poppers will never understand. Sorry!

Indian Nightmare “Ancient Force” was released on May 21st via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Bastions of Nightmares
  2. Incursions of Death
  3. Serpent’s Eyes
  4. Land of the Damned
  5. Yang Terampas Dan Terhisap
  6. Set the Spirit Free
  7. The Awkening

Watch “Yang Terampas Dan Terhisap” official video here: