Infinitas – Civitas Interitus

I’m really sick and tired of those fashionist pseudo-critics very well paid by the mainstream media that say that Metal doesn’t change. I can point out hundreds of bands that prove them wrong. Infinitas with “Civitas Interitus” is a great example. And by the way, we, the metal fans, are really greatful that some characteristics of Metal hasn’t changed at all. Subgenres as Folk Metal are the living proof that Metal is evolving steadly. Even more, Folk Metal is bringing back ancient musical traditions and instruments. It’s a work of musical research. That’s why we must hail efforts bands like Infinitas did in “Civitas Interitus.As I always say “Metal is just something else.”

I say that because bands like Infinitas are the ones which makes us proud of the creativity and quality they give us. “Civitas Interitus” is an effort full of sonic contradictions, and as I said before, I love these contradictions. It’s not only the instrumental diversity that calls the attention, vocal habilities are also high. In such songs like “The Die Is Cast” and “Labatu” there are a lot of vocals changes. There are bounces of female and males tones, clean and dirty and gritty voices. “Civitas Interitus” is a hodgepodge of voices, of course, in the great way.

What to say about the instrumental? I must praise not only the beauty of some passages, but the clean sounding when it’s needed and the aggressive tones when it’s needed. Some Folk Metal bands sometimes think that the work is only put a violin, or an oboe into songs. It’s much more than that. One need to build a melodic structure that actually fits into the song. One have to use melodic structures that can be used with all the distortion required for a Metal band, otherwise it’s not Metal, it’s only folk. Infinitas in “Civitas Interitus” do that perfectly. Songs like “Skylla” are catchy, tasteful, full of moods.

What else can I say?

We are anxiously looking forward for some more. A big hail to Infinitas and “Civitas Interitus.” You rock hard!

And you fashionist pseudo-critics, I have tons of pitty of you. You’ll never know what is to love really good music!

BTW, the material Infinitas sent us is really great! Thank you, guys!

Track Listing:

  1. The Die Is Cast
  2. Alastor
  3. Samael
  4. Labartu
  5. Aku Aku
  6. Skylla
  7. Rudra
  8. Morrigan
  9. Amon
  10. New Hope

Watch “Samael” official video here: