Interview with HexHorn

hexhorn-gig Metal Addicts – Hi, guys! First of all, my congrats for your album. I liked it very much. It’s a pretty damn solid piece of metal music!

Bene: Thank you very much. It’s great that you liked our music. It’s great to talk with person from Brazil! My first metal experiences in early nineties were listening to bands like Sepultura and Ratos De Porão. I remember VHS:  Sepultura – Live In Barcelona 91, we were watching this hundreds times.  Now Krisiun is one of my favourites bands!

Ed: thank you very very much it really means a lot for us, we are very appreciated for a review, it was a huge motivation for us to record another good songs.

Metal Addicts – There isn’t so much information available about the band. I took a look at your official website and noticed that the band was designed to be a project. How was that? How did the band begin? Were you long time friends? I mean school friends or something like that.

Bene: Three of us played together in the band Mortifer (black-death metal) in mid nineties  and four of us are from Hegeroth (melodic black metal). After releasing debut album of Hegeroth we had some difficulties to play live,  we had no drummer, keyboardist was living at distant place. In this situation, the idea of returning to roots, to our inspirations from our youth arose. We recorded some songs on PC and immediately we wanted to play it live.  This was the beginning of HexHorn.

Metal Addicts – One of my impressions was that the band plays along very well. You are very cohesive and solid. The instrumental passages are very natural as something that just happened spontaneously. What are the band’s musical backgrounds? Did everyone study music? How did you get that musical cohesion?

Bene: None of us studied music, we are amateurs, but we are still learning music on our  own:) There are some parts in our music when we use harmonic rules, but sometimes we consciously break these rules to make our music more interesting.

I think that if you want to break some rules you should know this rules.

Metal Addicts – I felt a lot of anger in all songs. I know that the world sometimes sucks, but where does all that anger come from?

Ed: haha yeah world sucks….sometimes 🙂 Yes, there is a lot of anger in our music and lyrics especially. Metal music is that kind of music which is invariably associated with anger… Take a look at Dave Mustaine… He is so angry that he singing through the clanched teeths (he must be angry as  hell haha).
Actually, we are very friendly guys and we are not aggressive at all, lyrics are the state of mind which was at the moment of writing.
When you take a look at this, what happens around us, you cannot be emotionless, there is a lot of s**t and you have to use a toilet paper from time to time (if you know what I mean).

Metal Addicts – Poland is a very religious country. How does that interfere in your work? Does religion play a great part in your lives?

Bene: We’ve been playing metal for more than 20 years. We are recording music, playing live gigs, we are active on social media and we have never any troubles to do that.

So, yes, Poland is religious country, but it doesn’t affect our music. We are happy if somebody likes our music, and religion has nothing to do with it.

Metal Addicts – As I wrote in my review I found the vocals very interesting because he could achieve something that most vocals can’t in extreme metal, I mean, make songs sound different from each other, and that’s a very difficult task. It’s the good old guttural style but with a deeper voice which got very well on the songs. I also noticed that Edward is the second singer. What happened to the first one?

Ed: At first, thank you very much for your words, it is very nice when you hear that someone likes your work.
For me this kind of vocals was something new, on the Hegeroth’s EP and on Cult ov Mora record I used screaming vocals, it was my first contact with growls so I tried to record them as good as I could.
I’m the second vocalist in HexHorn. The first one decided to leave the band, but why exactly I don’t know… For sure there was some conflict of interests.
I think that rest of the band can say more about that.

Bene: Previous singer, Resist, left the band when all tracks were recorded. He had a different vision of releasing our debut album and he decided to leave. We asked Ed if he wanted to join HexHorn. It was good idea, Ed made great work with preparing vocals in three months:)

Metal Addicts – I felt a little homesick watching your official video, Suffering! I had a band zillion years ago and we used to practice in a place like that. Bands, when they are beginning, generally practice at the drummer’s place. Is that the same with you? Is that a home studio?

Bene: It’s our rehearsal room:), it is really a
small (5m x 3m)place. We must pay for it every month, but this place is only for our use, it is our castle. We can go there every day a week and make music, play music or as you noticed record video:) It is also great place to consume some alcohol and pizza:)

Metal Addicts – Ok, guys! Thank you very much for your time, and keep on playing metal!

Bene: Thank you for interview! Listen to our album on bandcamp, spotify etc. Our CD is available on . Let’s support new bands!

Ed: thank you very much for this interview and review as well. I hope some day we will meet at some great music festival and then we shall drink some beers and talk about metal music.

Stay heavy and keep fingers crossed for our success 🙂